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GaWis 1.0


We are proud to announce the release of the 1.0 version of GaWis (GAIA Web Information System).

GaWis development started in June 2007 from the key idea that there was the lack of an open source framework for the integration and maintenance of different mobile device capabilities databases.

GaWis is an information system, based on database technologies, that allows merging data from heterogeneous standard sources (such as UAProfs or WURFL files) and also from users' inputs. GaWis features provide means for creation, management and utilization of a customizable information source. GaWis opens the possibility of creating a devices database that totally satisfies user's information needs.

GaWis comes into an active open source scenario where other actors (such as W3C DDWG, WURFL, dotMobi, OMA, etc...) are working on interrelated issues. GaWis exposes a set of API that offers several functionalities to satisfy both users' and applications needs. GaWis UAProf-related APIs use Jena and SPARQL. Instead, GaWis WURFL-related APIs use WURFL API and are consistent with future WURFL evolutions. GaWis also exposes GaWis APIs as web services. GaWis has been designed in order to allow future extensions to support DDR APIs.

GaWis architecture is built upon the intensive use of Spring and Hibernate frameworks. In the packages you can download you will also find a Web-based GaWis administration tool based on JSF.


GaWis supports the following features:

  • loading of data from WURLF files
  • loading of data from UAProf files
  • loading of data from well extended UAProf files (a well extended UAProf file is an RDF file with custom defined namespaces and properties)
  • data tailoring via custom profile definition
  • device search and data retrieval
  • simple POJO based API
  • data export from GaWis to standard formats (UAProf files or WURFL patch files). Data export is configurable via XML mapping files
  • data export in UAProf format exposed as a web service
  • two different ways of device missing handling (switchable via Spring-based AOP)
  • event logger
  • Web-based administration tool


GaWis relies on MySQL database (version 14.12 distribution 5.0.41) and has the following dependencies, which are bundled with the current distribution:


GaWis is distributed under the LGPL license.

GaWis packages can be downloaded here.

If you are interested in more details about the release of GAIA Reply as Open Source software and want to join us in the development of GaWis please contact
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